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Street CRED swings into action

Street CRED (Crime Reduction and Environment Day) is a new council initiative to help keep our streets clean, green and safe. It involves action days where many council services, the police, Hampshire Fire and Rescue and others join local residents in a small area to make their homes and streets a better, more pleasant place to live.

Street CRED is active in Bassett and is currently focussed on areas where there are disproportionate issues or problems with one or more of the following:

What will Street CRED do?

By the end of a Street CRED event  we hope residents will have:

It is not feasible to bring Street CRED to every street in the city,  but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get help to keep your area clean, tidy and safe. If you spot an issue you think we should be dealing with, please email  the Street CRED team at Council or visit their www site.

Where has Street CRED been?

For a list of Street CRED actions see here.