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2016 News and Events

LATEST NEWS - Bassett Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

The local referendum on the Bassett Neighbourhood Plan was held on Thursday 25th Feb 2016.

YES VOTES 1986 - NO VOTES 128 - Spoilt papers 5

TURN OUT 21.5%

A resounding vote in favour of the Bassett Plan. Thank you to all who helped distribute publicity, door knocked or made the effort to turn out and vote.

Extension of HMO licensing to additional City Wards including Bassett

In 2013, Southampton City Council introduced an additional HMO licensing scheme which covered all HMOs in Bargate, Bevois, Swaythling and Portswood which were not already  subject to mandatory licensing

In 2015, Council consulted on a proposal to extend this additional HMO licensing scheme to four more wards in the city – Shirley, Freemantle, Millbrook, and Bassett. (initially it had been suggested that only parts of the Bassett ward might be included - that is not now the case, the entire ward is included). Clearly, this proposal (if effectively managed and enforced) will bring significant benefit both to tenants living in poorly maintained and managed HMO properties and also to occupants of neighbouring properties.

Following the consultation, the proposal was approved by Council and came into force on 20th October 2015. All HMOs in Bassett are now required to be licensed and are subject to inspection. (more…).